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The Inspiration Behind Black In Neuro

Tamera Hatfield


“The UCI BioSci community is why I have accomplished so many of my goals and dreams.”

Marlyd Mejia


“When I say I got my degree from UCI BioSci, I am saying that I trained under top-quality researchers.”

Quynh Theresa Do


“My favorite thing about UCI BioSci is how diverse the community is.”

Maggie Chang


“I feel compelled to share with the community all the great research that UCI is doing to advance the future of medicine”

Marlene Godoy


“UCI gave me the foundation to become a lifetime student of our dynamically evolving world, and in my own humble way, be the change I wish to see.”

Rhea Shishodia


“The fact that there are so many different options and pathways to choose from is what makes UCI BioSci unique.”

Steven Allison


“UCI has probably the world’s best group of researchers in the field of microbial ecology and climate change.”

Melinda Gormley


“BioSci rises to the challenge. We grow and change with the times.”

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