25+ Years Giving

Ruth Forer

Salvatore Lombardi and Eileen Lombardi

Mae G. Varon

20+ Years Giving

Brian Atwood ’74 and Lynne Edminster

Susan ’83 and Michael Eckhardt

Christine and Leland House

John Howell

Sharon Kusano ’83

Josephine Mehlman*

Mela Miledi

Carolyn ’76 and Blake ’75 Neubauer

Suzanne Toll Peltason

Julia Poirier

Valerie Randolph ’74 and Donald Fenbert

Deborah and David Rector

Christopher Reed

Minna and Michael Riber

Elizabeth and Karl Schiller*

Elizabeth and John Stahr

Deborah and Carl Weinert

Lawrence Wysocki ’75 and Judith Spiegel

15+ Years Giving

Marjorie Anderson*

Peter Atsatt and Michele Blair

Sameer Awsare ’85, ’89

Susan Bryant and David Gardiner

Aki ’76, ’78 and Errol Caszatt

Barbara and John Cronin

Sharon Dana ’84

Meridel Daniels

W. Fidler

Kirby Fong

Louise and James Garrison

Dianne Gillespie

Anita and Fred Gillett

Dolores Gitlin

M. Marlene Godoy ’76

Lois Groendycke

Susanne Haffner

William Halopoff

Barbara Hamkalo

Peggy and George Hunt

Anthony James ’73, ’79 and Cynthia French ’79, ’93

Mary Ann and Steven Kahanic

Diana Kiel ’81 and Les Jacobowitz

Mathilde Klee

Ramona and Joseph ’77, ’78, ’78 Kuwahara

David Lake ’72

Marilyn and George Long

David ’69 and Margaret Macys

Mary Ann Malinick

Roberta Massoth

James ’78 and Debbie Matthews

Gary ’77 and Patricia McCaughan

James McGaugh

Jewel Mehlman

Craig ’78, ’80 and Jeannette Miller

James Mitchell ’78

Carol Krieks and Laurence Mueller

Quyen Nguyen ’94

Florence and Bernard Rabins

Carol ’78 and Donald ’77 Richards

Merle Robboy

Kathleen and Allan Rosevear

Maida Sandoval

Shirley Saturensky

Audrey Schneiderman*

Edith Shields

Gerry and Maclyn Somers

Ann Marie ’75 and Steven Stallings

Ralph ’73 and Cheryl Steiger

Ann Stephens ’70

Leslie ’79 and Nancy Sterrett

Donald and Carolyn Stewart

James Sullivant ’76

Mary and A. Brian Taylor

Andrea Tenner and Thomas Poulos

Richard ’73 and Patti Thompson

Ted ’73 and Carolyn Weyand

Marilyn and Max Wolfsberg

Leroy Wong ’75 and Mackayla Infante-Wong ’78, ’78

Linda and Larry Yip

Katharine and Robert Young

10+ Years Giving

Thomas ’73 and Karen Akashi

John ’74, ’74 and Deborah ’98 Alder

Robert ’76 and Diane Allen

Robert Anderson

Shizuka Awsare ’84

Gwendolyn and Guilford Babcock

Gail Baker ’74 and Clayton Gautier

Ann and Alan Barbour

Marilyn and Jay Bauer

Hugh ’74 and Louise Berkley

Judy and Jerome Blackman

Mark ’77 and Mary Blake

Cristy Brenner

David ’75 and Mary Brown

Lisa ’79 and Larry ’78 Brown

Betty Brynan

Kathleen and Richard Buddington

George Buhler

Edward ’71 and Yolanda Burrows

Robert Byde ’69, ’75 and Melanie Stockwell-Byde

Ian Campbell

Richard and France Campbell

F. Lynn Carpenter

Ingibjorg and Robert Chapman

Stefani Ching ’83

Lynn Churchill ’73

John Chwistek

Sharon Cohoon

Rosaleen Cox

Doris and Cecil Crafts

Charles ’80 and Jean Creasey

Ann Cullen*

Dianne ’81 and Drew Dabney

Mark ’84, ’84 and Lisa ‘84 Deseran

Vera and F. James Dupuie

Angelique Ellingboe ’84

Edith Emch

Jane Englar

Patricia and Robert Ferazzi

Miriam Feuerman ’86

Yuka and Michael Foertsch

Richard ’73 and Kay Gabbay

Todd ’79 and Carol Gleeson

Dorothy Goldberg

Robert ’71 and Toni ’69 Gorkin

Guy Gottschalk ’70, ’74 and Ann Schieble-Gottschalk ’72

Barbara ’68 and Gale* Granger

Stephen Gray ’76 and Susan Bernys

Betina Greenberg ’74

David Greenberg ’78 and Melaine Wolf-Greenberg

Dieter Gries

Jay Hall

Kristine ’74 and James ’74 Hardeman

James Harrison ’71

Larry ’85 and Catherine Heads

Ann Heiney

Craig Henderson ’85

Viola and G. Richard Herrick

Alice and Corys Heselton

Thomas ’77 and Margaret Hickey

Arlene Hirano ’84

Clifford ’80 and Carolyn Hitomi

Penelope and John Hlavac

John Holcombe

Judy Horton

Daniel Hovenstine ’79

Karen ’85 and Michael Imfeld

Kenneth ’79 and Judy Ishizue

Steven ’77 and Terry Izumi

Ruth ’73 and Raymond* Johnson

Louise and Ralph Jones

Jean Kay

Denis ’76 and Barbara Kitayama

Christopher Kitting ’74

Diana Krause ’72

Richard Lathrop

Rosalie Lowe ’82

Gregory ’74 and Teresa Marrujo

Joanne and Al Martinez

Carl ’81 and Denise Martz

Cecilia and Dennis May

Frank ’75 and Anne Mayer

Roger Mayer ’73

Marcia and John McDonald

Martina McGlynn ’73

Walter Mitchel

Avery ’81 and Teresa Mittman

Marcia Miyoshi ’80

Shirley Moore

Rhonda Myers and Klaus Rosebrock

Loren ’76 and Myrna Nakamura

Arline Nakanishi ’86

Gayle ’69 and Charles Nobbs

Michael ’82 and Janice Numamoto

Margaret Ogden

Carol Olson and Todd Huck

David Ortez ’69 and Yolanda Wilson

Vickilyn Pard ’67

Yuri Parisky ’79 and Wendy Oas-Parisky

Irene and Ronald Perez

Leslie and Ralph Purdy

Janet ’73 and Ray Randel

Ann Rappoport ’75 and David Irons ’92

Donald ’75 and Ellen Rezek

Mary and Ronald Richmond

David ’73 and Hilda Roberts

Patricia and Bill Robinson

Carol Roller

Rosalie Rosenthal

Madonna and Wayne Saxton

Robert Schier

Sidney Schlain

Synthia Scofield and Hannes Richter

Richard Scott

James ’76, ’76, ’81, ’83 and Kim Seibert

Bert Semler ’74 and Ronnie Hanecak

Jean and Evan Siegel

Eric Stanbridge

Mary and William Stanton

Susan Stemmer ’76

Patricia Stephenson

April Stilson ’77

Karen Jane ’86 and Robert Sutton

Veronique and John Swett

David ’85 and Julie ’86 Sword

Peter ’72, ’77 and Caroline Syapin

Barbara Carey-Takla and Roger Takla

Ronald ’78 and Colleen Tamaru

Helen Tangcay

Matthew Thomas ’90

Susi and Jose Torre-Bueno

Daniel Tremblay

Deborah Tucker ’74

David ’69 and Linda Usher

Marsha Vacca ’71

Deidre ’73 and Joseph Vail

Duane Vajgrt ’85

Louise Van Cott

Nancy and Herbert Vogler

Judith Wagner

Richard ’75 and Susan Wagner

Leslie Walker

Beverly Weber-Fow and Robert Fow

Mary and James White

Michael Whitlow ’75 and Noel Taylor

Madalynne Wilkes-Grundy ’88 and Byron Grundy

Elwyn and Ruth Winland

Barbara and Clifford Woolfolk

Calvin ’79 and Christine ’81 Yee

Jerome ’76 and Debra Zack