Inspiring Young Minds

ReachOut TeachOut @UCI

Passionate about STEM and Teaching?

ReachOut TeachOut (ROTO) is a graduate student-led organization dedicated to immersing local underrepresented high schoolers into STEM research and careers. Our vision is to make science more accessible, starting with high school students from underserved areas, with the larger goal of increasing the diversity of students who go into and excel at STEM and demystifying science within the general public.

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Why Join ROTO?


Increase underrepresented students’ exposure to scientific research and different careers in science.


Practice teaching, speaking in public and
communicating your research with others.


Become a mentor and inspire young minds interested in STEM and share your journey.

Upcoming Events

  • Julie-Biteen

    4201 Natural Sciences II

    DCB Seminar Series Featuring Dr. Julie Biteen, from the University of Michigan

    “Determining the nature of interactions and biomolecular condensates in microbes” Abstract: Single-molecule microscopy accesses nanometer-scale information with a benchtop microscope, providing a platform to super-resolve fluorescence emission, position, and dynamics, even in living cells. The Biteen Lab...

    11:00 AM December 07
  • Cove at UCI Beall Applied Innovation

    Graduate Summit 2024


    08:00 AM January 09