The School of Biological Sciences believes that successful participation in creative research is one of the highest academic goals its undergraduates can attain. Approximately 1,000 students are enrolled in and conduct experimental laboratory, field, or clinical research as an apprentice scientist under the supervision of a professor in one of the more than 250 laboratories in the School of Biological Sciences or the School of Medicine.

It is in these situations that faculty train students to think in a sophisticated way about real-world problems. Students develop new scientific skills and knowledge while training with professors who are on the cutting edge of research and discovery in the biological and medical sciences making headlines today. Students enrolled in Biological Sciences 199 and who meet the eligibility requirements also have an opportunity to present the results of their research endeavors to peers and faculty by participating in the Excellence in Research Program. Because of the opportunity to actively participate in the undergraduate research training program our students have an understanding of and an appreciation for the research process which they could not have obtained in any other fashion.

Links for Bio Sci 199:

Summer Session 2020 Enrollment Updates

Prerequisites for Undergraduate Research Updated: Info & Instructions on UCLC Health & Safety Modules

Packet submission DEADLINES for Bio Sci 199:

Summer Session 1: 1st Friday of the session by NOON

10 Week Summer Session: 2nd Friday of the session by NOON

Summer Session 2: 1st Friday of the session by NOON

Fall: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON

Winter: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON

Spring: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON

The Bio Sci 199 course must be added by the campus add/drop deadline, Week 2 during the academic year and week 1 of Summer Session 1 & 2, by 5 p.m.

Additional Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

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