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Conceptual Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Genetics

Distinguished Professor John C. Avise (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) is an expert biologist who has written over 350 articles and books on evolution. In 2014, Professor Avise published the book “Conceptual breakthroughs in evolutionary genetics: a brief history of shifting paradigms,” which has had a great impact in the field of evolutionary science. In a recent review of the book, the reviewer summarizes the impact that Professor Avise’s book has had on the field thus far and notes, “This is one of the best ways to understand science: to have access to scientists candidly sharing their thoughts and impressions on the work of their colleagues.”

When asked about his motivation to write the book, Professor Avise said, “My immediate intent was to provide a concise overview of major advancements in the 150-year history of evolutionary genetics.  My broader goal was to provide a template that might stimulate a series of “conceptual breakthrough” books for various other academic disciplines.  I think such books provide a valuable service by giving readers a brief yet panoramic chronology of a scientific field.”

To view the recent review of Professor Avise’s book, click here.

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