With fellowship support, Stacy Ann Suarez Cham is pursuing her goal of a Ph.D. in ecology & evolutionary biology….

Grapes’ surprising genetic diversity could contribute to wine’s varying
flavors and more. Wesley Koseki/ UCI

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UCI biologist, Joleah Lamb, among data contributors to large, unprecedented project….

Complex lifeforms have developed immune systems to protectthemselves from infection. An immune response has to start quickly to controlan attack. However, a fast response means that sometimes mistakes are made,triggering an immune response when there…

UCI-led study reveals crucial mechanisms contributing to the disease….

UCI-led study points toward new ways to prevent disease transmission….

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An award-winning scientist and professor of evolutionary biology, Adriana Briscoe studies the evolution of vision in butterflies and how they see color. …

Tiny plastic particles may also be a vehicle for microbes that sicken or even kill corals, a new study finds….