Susana Cohen-Cory, PhD

Susana Cohen-Cory
Chair | Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior; DECADE mentor

Manny Azizi Identifies Cone Snail's Strike as One of the Quickest in the Animal Kingdom

Manny Azizi
Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Portrait of Assistant Professor Claudia Benavente

Claudia Benavente
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor Karina Cramer

Karina Cramer
Professor, Neurobiology and Behavior ; Associate Dean for Academic Personnel

Aimee Edinger_Equity Advisor-2

Aimee Edinger
Professor, Developmental and Cell Biology, Equity Advisor

Roberto Tinoco, PhD

Roberto Tinoco
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Headshot of Marcelo Wood PhD.

Marcelo Wood
Professor and Chair, Neurobiology and Behavior