Dunlop School Starbucks is Brewing Up Possibilities

Getting together over coffee or chai in a comfortable, informal place allows people from across all our departments to learn more about each other, share ideas and build new working relationships. The Dunlop School Starbucks was the vision of Dean Frank LaFerla.  “As most people know, I don’t drink coffee,” said Dean LaFerla at the cafe grand-opening in April, 2017. “But I thought the school needed a gathering spot where faculty, students and staff could meet by chance, because that’s often when the magic happens.” We are delighted to feature this page of recent photos at our Dunlop School Starbucks, a cafe where we raise our mugs to new partnerships and discoveries that make a difference in the world. Send your Dunlop School Starbucks selfies to us using #UCIDunlop School and #Dunlop SchoolStarbucks!