Certificate Requirements

The UCI Biological Sciences School Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is a certificate award program. Students in the program can request for a certificate if they meet the following:

  1. Cumulative grade point average of 3.30
  2. Completion of at least 55 units taken from the following list of UCI courses:
  • General Chemistry 1A-B-C-LC-LD
  • Organic Chemistry 51A-B-C-LB-LC
  • Physics 3A-B-C-LB-LC
  • Biological Sciences:
    • 97 – Genetics
    • 98 – Biochemistry
    • 99 – Molecular Biology
    • 100 – Scientific Writing
    • 194S – Safety and Ethics for Research
    • E109 – Human Physiology
    • E112L – Human Physiology Lab
    • D103 – Cell Biology
    • D111L – Cell Biology Lab
    • M116L – Molecular Biology Lab
  • Statistics 7 or 8

 Advisory Committee

                Raju Metherate, PH.D.

Professor of Neurobiology

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

UC Irvine, School of Biological Sciences

David van Vranken, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

School of Physical Sciences

Ellena Peterson, PH.D.

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Associate Dean of Admissions and Outreach

UCI School of Medicine

Jenna Bague-Sampson
Director of Student AffairsProgram Administrator for Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

School of Biological Sciences

Don Williams

Director, Student Affairs Office

School of Physical Sciences